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Find your cutting edge by exploring our cutlery and steak knives

High-Quality Cutlery

A smart new cutlery set has the ability to transform a meal into an occasion within your home or alternatively at your venue where you might be hosting numerous guests daily.

Whether you’re looking for an everyday set of flatware or one reserved set of table tools for celebrations, we at Tricer are armed with beautifully designed cutlery at great prices. Our knives, forks and spoons have the potential to connect the dots to your chosen ceramics. We also have new exciting cutlery sets coming soon, which we strongly believe will take our crockery to new heights.

When purchasing cutlery for your café, restaurant or kitchen draw, we all want a set that features evenly weighted utensils for comfort and are ergonomically designed so your knives, forks and spoons not only look great but are easy to handle. Our Atlantic cutlery and Myco steak knives from Tricer's Heritage range does actually this. From Tea and coffee spoons to table knives, forks and spoons we have everything you could need! Feel free to browse and purchase items from our Atlantic and Myco ranges by accessing the menu bar on our homepage.

All of our current and incoming crockery are crafted from the highest grade of stainless steel 18/10. The chromium (18%) binds to the stainless-steel surface and protects it from acid which would cause rust. The high nickel (10%) content results in our knives, forks and spoons having a high level of protection from corrosion. Resulting in the cutlery being well balanced, ideal for repetitive use and being dishwasher friendly.

At Tricer our goal is to make your search for tableware as easy as possible. That is why we don’t restrict our customers in terms of the quantity of tableware you can purchase, with the ability to buy in quantities of one. This helps ensure you can get the perfect number of cutlery items for the amount of people sitting around your table or tables.

If you’re looking to invest in new cutlery and require some inspiration why not explore our website and contact us if you require assistance in finding a solution that meets all your crockery requirements.

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